Web Consulting Services

Launching a new site with the right content strategy and technology platform for growth will be more important the actual design itself.

When launching a new website or revamping an existing one, the most important decisions a business can make will happen right off the bat.

Important Questions:

  • Which web technology or hosting solution should I use?
  • How do we integrate our existing CRM or inventory management system with our website?
  • We need our site to look and work better on mobile phones and tablets?
  • Should we use a CMS such as Drupal or Wordpress?
  • How can I start accepting credit cards online?
  • How will search engines find me?
  • How do I ensure I don’t lose any of my existing traffic?
  • If I need changes how will my new site get updated?

Consulting Services in Action – Medical Media Images

In 2013, Christian owner of Medical Media Images came to us with a unique concept – he wanted to be the first online provider of color MRI images. His idea was impressive and patented however Christian needed a website where customers could buy and download his medical illustrations ASAP.

Working with Christian, we were able to quickly connect him with an affordable merchant credit card processing company and hosting solution that would fulfill his website needs.  We then quickly started on his website.

The first step was to build a custom inventory admin area for Christian to securely upload his images, write descriptive content and set pricing.  While Christian worked on his side, we simultaneously started the website design and development work. 
The end result was a slick, mobile-friendly e-commerce site and the first online company to provide color medical images of MRI scans, CT Scans, and X-Rays – www.medicalmediaimages.com.

Consulting services include:

  • Website Planning and Strategy
  • Blog and Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine Ranking and Website Optimization
  • Mobile site development and responsive web design
  • E-commerce and Shopping Cart Development